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Friday, November 12, 2004

The worst of the sick feeling went away the other night after an impromptu dance party in the living room initiated by the coming-on-two-year-old. Not at all confident that the sick feeling won’t come back again, and again, and again, as the lying thieving cowardly war criminal Christianist administration does its ghastly song and dance.

Getting deeper into the November album project. 7 songs close to done, 3 of them directly topical reactions to the election, and 2 more of them emotional reactions to same but with un-specific words. Plus 2 instrumentals for sure and maybe 5. I’m guessing that most of the songs are under 2 minutes, and all of them under 3, and one of them under 1 minute, so even if all 12 maybe-almost-dones work out, I’m not up to 30 minutes yet. Which is good, because I want to write something better. The itch feels good.

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