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Sunday, October 31, 2004


Music critic and blogger Douglas Wolk of Lacunae has put out a general invitation: Be part of National Solo Album Month. In November 2004, starting tomorrow, write and record at least 30 minutes of music. One cover song allowed. Must play all instruments & sing all vocals.

I’m in. Will try to write 10 or 12 or 15 new songs (possibly including 1 or 2 instrumentals) in the first 3 weeks of Nov. & record them solo live Thanksgiving week-end. I know I can do it, it just might be terrible. Hopefully not. I’ve been making a list of possible titles. Marinating some lyrical ideas seems allowed -- those “write a novel in one month” festivals don’t require entrants to vouch that they came up with the idea for the novel in that month, I don’t think!

How will Douglas know whether I actually wrote the songs in November? My word of honor. What’s the contest prize? No prizes, other than the satisfaction of taking part.

Might be light blogging for the month. If so, well, I’ll miss you!

P.S. Vote Tuesday, November 2. Go Blue States, Beat Big Red.

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