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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Singer-songwriter John Shaw headlined Friday's lunch hour in
Columbia City at one of 31 sites around the city where parking
spaces were converted to temporary, tiny parks.
Photo by Paul Joseph Brown / Seattle P-I

It's not exactly fame, but I’m on the front page of the Seattle P-I today. An acquaintance was putting together an outdoor arts event 2 blocks from my office and asked me to play (she'd never heard me), so I went down there at lunch and shouted into the traffic for a half hour. Got a free lunch out of it too, because it was outside a hole-in-the-wall BBQ joint -- Roy’s Barbecue -- where I'm a regular, and I made up a jingle for the owner, who's a really nice guy, on the spot. (The jingle needs work.) Such a low-key, last-minute gig that I didn't even tell close friends and family members that I spoke with
yesterday on the phone about it.

Random, silly; but what the heck.

Also note well: The rapt attention of my audience!
You were awesome John! Thanks for playing - I look forward to hearing more!
Thanks! I had a great time.

You'll have to hear my band some time -- they're much better than me on my own.
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