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Friday, June 20, 2008



[Children watching the sunrise in Marcel Camus's 1959 film Black Orpheus (Orfeu Negro). At the end of the film, they rush to the eastward facing hill to sing the sun up. Now that Orpheus, whose job it is to sing the sun up, has died, somebody has to do it! They sing a tremendous, wordless song -- "Samba de Orfeu," written for the film by Luiz Bonfá.]

* * *

Update, next morning. After work yesterday we met friends for a picnic at Seattle Center, beautiful warm evening, picnicking, playing in the fountain, playing catch, playing with our kids. Longest day of the year, after supper we drove to Carkeek Park, overlooking the Sound, to catch the sunset. The kid and my beloved spouse fell asleep on the drive but woke up when we got there. Watching the sun over the water, as kids we didn't know threw rocks into the Sound, and people played teeter-totter on driftwood, I thought of the kids in Black Orpheus, and their ardor -- if we don't sing the sun might not rise! -- and how they run to the dawn-facing ridge in order to sing; and the kids throwing rocks, and kids in general -- their ardor, their passion, it's deep and inspiring.

Happy Summer!

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