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Monday, June 09, 2008

The party got interrupted when our neighbor came by -- he had been at the party, briefly, earlier, to grab a beer before going home to shower -- and told us about the swarm of bees in the park a couple of blocks away, and almost all of us trooped out to see it. (The same neighbor took the photo above.)

Fourth weekend in a row with a music party. The weekend just past was my birthday party -- 45! -- and various members of my band who had never met came over and we all sang, as well as other friends, and their kids, and I couldn’t have been happier. Our son played host to the kids and the adults -- he was charming. A friend who’s getting close to retirement age told me the next day -- I called because they had left their umbrella -- that for a minute she fantasized about moving next door, she had so much fun talking to the kid. There are two houses for sale on our block . . .

The weekend before, Jen, from my band, who had been overseas teaching English, had a backyard BBQ and she and I sang while my son and a friend of Jen’s played percussion. And that was lovely as well.


Got a gig coming up this Sunday. Details to follow.

Obama clinched the night before my actual birthday, and then I did not sleep well because of sickness and nightmares in the house, and my beloved spouse spent my birthday in bed, and I was tired, but happy to be turning 45 on such an auspicious day -- not that Obama will be all that we could be audacious enough to hope, but that, by way of contrast with the status quo, he’ll be terrific. I had been torn between voting for him and for Clinton at our caucus, because I was pissed at the sexism of the media coverage, and because I preferred Clinton’s health care plan; but I cast my vote for Obama because of the Iraq War, and out of a preference against legacy candidates. As the weeks wore on, my support for Obama grew, as Hillary went off the rails rhetorically a few times, and Obama made speeches that showed a deeper understanding of race and class and their mutual relationship than any politician I’d ever heard. He also showed that he had mastered the lesson of The West Wing: To the badass goes the spoils. I admire him for being able to be a bad ass while keeping his composure. And, of course, there’s the history being made, which is powerfully symbolic. I’m hopeful for the next election.

Bee well! Stay buzzy!

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