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Saturday, April 26, 2008

One of the best days of my life.

Today is almost over, but it’s been my old friend John de Roo’s birthday, and I wish I were with him to toast many happy returns of the day. We grew up together, fast friends since 8th grade, started our first band together in 9th grade (with Jay Sherman-Godfrey, who is pictured above with John, singing at my wedding, almost 7 years ago) -- those two people have always been two of my dearest and most important music teachers.

John sent out an email a few days ago with news. His friends the Denver country band WD40 covered his song “The Condoms Are Lonesome” and posted it on their MySpace page, and the radio show CarTalk played his old song “Was That Your Subaru?” recently.

The same day
that I got John’s email and the day after, I got two from college friends with all sorts of news that’s worth passing on.

One of the groups my college pal Andrew Boyd works with, Agit-Pop, has won the 2007 YouTube Video Award for the best political video of the year for their video “Stop the Clash of Civilizations”. Congrats! Andrew has also asked me to let people know about this Obama in 30 Seconds video he worked on for the MoveOn contest.

My friends in Theater Oobleck, the Chicago theater company I co-founded, sent all sorts of news too.

My old housemate Mickle Maher’s play The Strangerer has been remounted due to popular demand.

Another old housemate and friend and collaborator, Danny Thompson, has a show with another old friend and collaborator, Terri Kapsalis, that closes tomorrow, The Hysterical Alphabet. Sorry I won't be able to see it -- I'm hoping to see
The Strangerer.

In addition, Mickle’s script for The Strangerer has been published, as has Terri’s text for The Hysterical Alphabet.

And another friend from college, Angela Woodward, has a book of stories coming out too.

Always makes one happy to get good news from old friends.

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