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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Here I am singing "My Way" a week ago Sunday, Apr. 13, with Philistine Liberation Orchestra. It was the last song of the show's last act, after my regular band, Ruby Thicket, and 3 films and a performance by my old friend Ross Lipman. I'm checking the time on my cell phone before singing because we had to clear the room soon as soon as we were done and I wanted to make sure we had enough time before the final curtain . . .

The lovely band:
Bill Potter, guitar-synthesizer
Skip Milford, electric violin
Mac McClure, bowed saw
Bob Barraza, drums

Not all of the band members had met before we started, and nothing of what they did was planned beforehand -- which . . . you could probably tell. I love what they came up with. Bill is a serious composer; Bob is one of the most widely knowledgeable musicians I have ever worked with; Skip has done a lot of free improv; and Mac picks his spots judiciously. My pitch isn't perfect -- I learned I lack the technique to keep my intonation exact when the accompaniment is all over the place; but I thought about the lyrics a lot; I hope that comes across.

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