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Thursday, March 27, 2008

I've mentioned it before but I do love my band.

Bob Barraza plays drums and shakuhachi (Japanese wooden) flute and sings, Jen Anspach sings, I play guitar and harmonica and sing, Robert Hinrix plays bass and mandolin and sings, and Mac McClure plays bowed saw and sings. Delightful people and lovely musicians all. Eric Stovall joined us on lead guitar on about half of our 29 songs last show, that's him below. Another dear friend and tasty picker.

And my son sang with us on 4 or 5 songs last show, and beat a paint can with a stick on one song.

We have a show coming up, and I couldn't be more delighted to be on the bill with my old friend Ross Lipman. He'll be showing films and doing a reading, and the band will play a set. Ross is a serious dude; he has shown his films across the country and in Europe.

My band will be very different than last time.

I mentioned a week ago that Jen is out of the country. Well, Eric is going to be out of town too, and the venue isn't kid friendly so my son is out, and I just found out this weekend that Robert will be out of town as well due to unavoidable obligations. Subbing for Jen and Robert will be Jillian and Jim Graham, a lovely and talented couple my son and I met at the open mike we've been playing. Jillian will sing and play some rhythm guitar, and Jim is a hot bassist. First practice was with Jim tonight -- it's going to be fine. I love my band.

Also on the bill will be a free-improv ensemble I'm putting together. Bob and Mac from Ruby Thicket (my band) will be in the group, and maybe Jim. My old college pal the composer Bill Potter will be playing guitar-synth, and I have tentative commitments from two other composer friends, one a drummer and the other a pianist, and also from a fiddler I've shared a bill with before. This group will play a 20 or 30 minute set to close the show. I'll be singing standards to free-noise-improv accompaniment. I'm curious to hear us.

If you're in the Seattle area, please consider dropping by. It's an early show:
Sunday April 13, 7:00 pm, finished by 9:30, in the Jewel Box Theater at the Rendezvous, 2322 Second Ave., Seattle 98121, in Belltown.

* * *

I saw the George Clooney flick, Michael Clayton, tonight. Thrillers are paranoia machines. I always leave them as if awakening from a bad dream. I am not sure why I like this sensation, but I do.

* * *

This just in. Researchers have converted soundwave recordings made in 1860 -- nearly two decades before Edison -- into sound. It's a great and eerie sound. Jody Rosen has an mp3 and the story.

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