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Thursday, March 20, 2008

As if in answer to last night’s question as to how it could be that one of my favorite singers and songwriters could pack clubs with stomping fans, get a record deal, play with famous people, and still not become famous herself, I came across this (
via Michaelangelo Matos):

A talented writer for a slick magazine entertainingly reviews 763 MP3s by acts that played at SXSW recently. I had heard of
only a tiny fraction of the acts, a few handfuls. Some of those I’d heard, I don’t much like, and this writer did. Which just goes to show you. I was heartened to see that he picked Canadian Inuit singer Tanya Tagaq as the most interesting of the bunch -- she’s fabulous.

In a glutted marketplace, with over-sated consumers, it’s tough to make a connection. Who knows how it is that one becomes famous and another doesn’t? I once met someone whose records twice got 4-star reviews from Rolling Stone magazine, and I don’t think she has ever made a living from music either.

Making the connection is a wonderful experience. Tuesday night Christy McWilson rocked the house. Music as a way to grapple with the immensity and confusion and unknowability of life, making it beautiful and personal and danceable and intense -- it's a great thing.

My band is playing April 13. Hope you can come.
Let's see if we connect.

-- Georges Braque, Guitar and Program: “Statue d'Epouvante” (1913)

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