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Thursday, February 14, 2008

This photo by Brook of Sheffield shows what Tin Pan Alley looks like today.
What he has to say about it is succinctly elegiac.
I agree: A museum would make sense.

(Thanks JSG for the tip.)

* * *


now that,more nearest even than your fate

and mine(or any truth beyond perceive)
quivers this miracle of summer night

her trillion secrets touchably alive

--while and all mysteries which i or you
(blinded by merely things believable)
could only fancy we should never know

are unimaginably ours to feel--

how should some world(we marvel)doubt,for just
sweet terrifying the particular
moment it takes one very falling most
(there:did you see it?)star to disappear,

the hugest whole creation may be less
incalculable than a single kiss

-- E. E. Cummings, Poetry magazine, the 50th anniversary issue, October 1962

This note from the magazine’s editor, Henry Rago, appeared below the poem:

Mr. Cummings sent us this poem for our anniversary issue just two months before his sudden death on September 3rd. We wrote to thank him, and almost immediately he sent back a post card from his farmhouse at Silver Lake, New Hampshire. It was written in two colors, blue and red; and its entire message was, Thank You! We continue to thank him.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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