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Monday, February 25, 2008


When producer Scott Rudin won an Oscar for best picture last night, he thanked his husband: “This is also for my partner John Barlow. Without you, honey, this would be hardware. Thank you so much. Thank you.” Had he thanked his wife or his girlfriend or his parents or his children, the TV director would have shown the reaction, but they didn’t show Barlow. I’m glad to see the broadcasters getting flak about it. I snorted at the TV when it happened: “Wimps!”

* * *

I did enjoy seeing Daniel Day-Lewis kissing George Clooney on his way up the aisle to accept his Oscar for best actor. Showing his affection and asserting his dominance. When two cats live together, the dominant one does the licking. Why not be affectionate, when you’re the alpha cat?

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