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Monday, January 14, 2008

Paranoia = quasi-knowledge. Marginal data perceived and incorrectly synthesized. Related to intuition, which is another word for inarticulable observation. The signs are there, more than we can read -- how much do you pick up? When one trusts one’s intuition, slipping into paranoia . . . the distinction might not be clear. And then, BOOM, you blow things up, like a police close-up, like a microscope -- an explosion of overemphasized detail.
Not sleeping enough exaggerates the perceptions. Music is louder, emotions careen.

* * *

And then the connections get running quickly in the head; a bit of Ellen Willis’s prose, a riff from Vince Guaraldi, observations from social interactions, something someone said, correspondence from across the continent -- IT ALL MAKES SENSE. And then you don’t remember what it was.

* * *

Resolved: [redacted by reticence].

* * *

“I’m so full of love I could burst apart and start to cry.”

Resolved: [redacted].

* * *

Time for bed! Sweeeet dreams.

-- illegible handwriting from a graphology center -- thanks..

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