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Sunday, January 20, 2008

[Our shock at death results from our vanity. We eat death every day. The wheel turns, the mills of God, the cycle of life and death – however you want to call it. Our little vanities feel that death isn’t for us – but it is. We eat death every day.

Or maybe it isn’t our vanity. Maybe the joke of life is that we all fight for our own place in it. Or maybe that’s not a joke. Maybe that’s how it works best for animals. Without the struggle . . . it’s hard to imagine no struggle.

Fashions come and go. Passions and patterns survive. The life / death pattern is fundamental.

I had been planning to write through the last of Bach’s 6 suites for unaccompanied cello tonight, but it is too late. I am hoping for tomorrow night.

Obviously, Bach can wait forever, and though I am tempted to melodramatically declare that I need Bach, the truth is, were his music to be taken away, I would miss it extremely, its joy, robustness, multifacetedness, pleasing melodiousness, dramatic acuity, psychological depth, aural visionary quality; and, writing-through-listening is satisfying way to hear music -- thanks, Jonathan! -- something I would like to continue doing with other music after the Cello Suites.]

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