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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

our friend Ian duct-taping the milk crate down for stage-diving --
I hadn't remembered that he did this every show
(photo by David Isaacson)

The CFG show happened last Friday. We played fine for a bunch of middle-aged you-know-whats who hadn’t played together for 22 years. We jumped around. Our friend Ian stage-dived. There was slam dancing. It was a blast.

The whole week was wonderful. Road-tripping through Michigan with my old friend Nick and my son -- a rare treat. Visited Nick’s relatives, whom I hadn’t met, and visited mine, before the college reunion. Relatives were all lovely and the reunion was immense -- people dear to my heart I hadn’t seen in 5, 10, 15, 22 years, a whole bunch of us together, catching up, reminiscing, looking at pictures, playing music, slam dancing. I spontaneously recited two of my dear poetry teacher’s brief poems at an open-mic reading in his honor. I also caught the Michigan-Purdue game with my brother and a cousin and a bunch of my cousin’s friends, and for the first time heard the details about the time my cousin streaked with a bunch of his friends down the center aisle on the opening night of Jaws. Ah, the '70s. One of the other streakers was with us at the game.

It feels like I could write a book about the trip. At one point, one dear old friend, who is now a tenured professor, threw a beer glass on the pavement from the patio of a bar, nearly provoking a fight. When another dear old friend, by way of explicating the backstory, began telling of how the now-professor got expelled from the dorm freshman year for throwing a flaming cereal box out his dorm-room window, I laughed hard for a solid minute. Everybody's life is like that, if not necessarily so colorful, then so richly interconnected.

But I don't have time/space to write a book now, or even a properly meandering blog post.

In the meantime, CFG lead guitarist and Turtletop correspondent my dear friend J-Lon uploaded a bunch of CFG songs for anybody to download for free. The songs should be up for about 6 days or so. If you aren’t able to download them, and you want the songs, send me your email and I’ll get them to you somehow.

Wow, I remember you guys. Eat my fuck, I think. Trombone goodness. Yeah!
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