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Friday, September 21, 2007

putting the kid to bed the other night, he wanted to hear a story about my childhood, so I told him about living in a house with Kleinstuck Preserve -- a large woods -- running into our backyard from the age of 4 to 10, and going for walks back there, and ice skating on the marsh when it froze over in winter, and how we moved away when I was 10 and when I went back there many years later as an adult the marsh had dried up, and my son got very sad -- he was very tired -- and he started to tear up and ask whether anybody had any pictures of it, and I said that maybe my dad took pictures once but probably not, but I’m sure we could find pictures if he really wanted to, maybe in the archive of Kalamazoo’s newspaper, which has been going for 170 years, and he was mollified, slightly; so after he quickly dropped off to sleep I looked on the web, and according to this (and thanks for the picture!), Kleinstuck Preserve still has its marsh, so perhaps I was mistaken.
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