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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Can anybody articulate whose side we are on in the Iraqi Civil War? My vague impression is that we are on the side of the government, but that nobody else in the country is, particularly. It seems clear that in the religious war between the Shia and Sunni in Iraq, both sides either hate us or the Iraqi government or both.

We seem to be on the side of the Kurds, but they're against the central government too, to the extent that they don't fly the national flag in government buildings or ceremonies.

If we're there to referee a civil war -- well, everybody hates the ref, right? As the crowd said in "Casey at the Bat":

"Kill him! Kill the umpire!"

Which almost sounds like "empire."

Many people often say that nobody can explain why we are there. But when you really look at the particulars of the inexplicability, no satirist could do justice to the grotesquery.

-- The Knight, Death, and the Devil, Albrecht Durer, 1513

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