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Monday, September 10, 2007

Bob, Jen, me, Robert, and Mac -- Friday night

Friday night's gig was a blast. 3 sets, 23 of my songs, one by my son, and 5 covers. It's hard to believe, but it was the first time the whole band had played together in public -- our debut! And so we added new members. Eric Stovall played lead guitar for about half the show after joining us for 3 rehearsals. That's his guitar, left hand, and knee on the left side of the picture.

And here he is, with Bob, and Jen, and my elbow.

My son joined us for a few songs, singing back-up on a few and lead on the one he wrote, and hitting a paint can with a stick during the freely improvised section of one song.

As usual, with his striped shirt, cowboy boots, and leopard print pants, he was the only one who really dressed like a rock star. Because of my beloved spouse's work schedule, the kid had been to most of the rehearsals, and he was very serious about his parts.

I think 60 or 70 of our friends came over the course of the evening, plus a few dozen random music-goers. Few people stayed for all 3 sets, but I loved playing three sets -- it was a whole journey. I made my debut on the big string bass on one song, which Bob sang and played ukulele on, while Robert played mandolin. I loved playing the bass -- all five notes! The P.A. and mix were mediocre -- the oven repairman had commandeered the stage when we showed up to set up and so we couldn't sound check -- but for the most part we played well, sometimes very well. Made me want to record the next CD. And play again. And again. Gotta get on it. Rehearsals were mostly a blast, but we need an occasion for which to rehearse. It was great to have one.

The next morning my beloved spouse, our son, and I drove to Hyas Lake in the Cascades and hiked in 2 miles and spent the night camping with friends. Our very serious son loved sinking up to his knees in a mudhole, his "mud and muck factory," over and over again.

And then rinse off in the lake. Over and over again.

The water was cold. I swam in it -- verrrry briefly.

When we woke up Sunday morning, the water was perfectly still. An amazing weekend.

We also, early in the morning, we throwed sticks and rocks in the water. And a burned little log. And it made the water really a good design. We did it with our friend Zac and my dad and me and my mom.

We saw a stick poking out of the water diagonally.
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