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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The week before, I had asked Bob, the drummer in my band, if he wanted to sing anything for the show, and so when he said that a country-ish waltz I had written but never performed, and was semi-absently strumming through, sounded like a Mexican ballad, and he loves singing Mexican ballads, and could he learn it for the show, I figured I'd better remember it. So on the way to work I remembered the three "verses," but not the bridge, so I wrote a new one on the bus, and then at work out of nowhere the original bridge popped into my head, and it was better than the new one, though lyrically half-weak. And so after various chores and activities tonight I finally sat down to remember the chords and rewrite the words, and thinking of it as a Mexican-style song rather than a country song stiffened the timbre & rhythm in a way that attracted me, and re-writing a few lines was no problem. Gratifying to be asked to remember a song, and to have someone re-conceptualize it, and satisfying to sing and play after an evening of chores and activities.

Art is an experience. It includes meaning. But the experience . . .

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