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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Took the four and a half year old with a friend to see Ratatouille today. The kid cried and cried when Remy the rat got separated from his family. He's reacted that way to movies before, even before he could talk much. No more movies for him for a while.

The call-to-modernism at the heart of the film
-- Remy the rat-chef's cry for "flavor combinations that have never been tasted" -- puts the modernist quest into strictly hedonistic terms: New sensations are to be sought for their own sake and for the sensual pleasure they bring. The new flavor combinations should be delicious, you see; mere novelty will not suffice.

Modernism made, if not exactly easy -- then nice! And pleasant.

I really enjoyed the movie. The melting of the harsh critic's heart melted mine.

In honor of Remy's (and Chef Gousteau's) cookery, a late-night, improvised attempt at some flavor combinations:

salad chrysanthemum potato
sensual sensible risible bull
bubble rubble on the double
buffalo roam home

misunderwalking away anyway
monkey punky in the riddle
if you daren't warrant current parent
muscle tonal music

telephone jams
the line of jelly

go row tomorrow
savor the marrow today


say isn't that the one
say aren't those too
say haven't we the three
say what's it all for

you have a winning combination having won

"at this time I'm really popular of my rest"

ahem, a hum, a hymn, um, a hymn

-- Untitled, 1951-1952, Clyfford Still

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