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Thursday, July 12, 2007

The kid just informed me that he no longer wanted to spell his name "Nat," but "Nate" instead. He still wants his full name to be Nathaniel.

"Do you want to be called 'Nate'?" I asked.



"I want it to change over time," he said. "All stuffs change over time."

I'm guessing his mom told him this, but she's at work, so I'll have to check later.

I'm guessing the preference for the new name won't last. He's already alluded to a Seuss book by his "old" name, saying, as we exchanged plums, "John brings Nat's plum. Nat brings John's plum. Ha ha!"

-- image of Heraclitus from the Nuremberg Chronicle, 1493
Yes, we talked about change today. We were driving through a part of our neighborhood which used to be gritty and is gentrifying; I commented on a new bike shop. Nat asked me about it, and if the shop were good. I explained about our neighborhood's cultural, racial and economic changes over the twenty four years I have lived here. "All stuff changes" is not a bad summary from a 4 year old.
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