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Thursday, July 12, 2007

If you dislike blogposts about blogangst, forgive me, I can't help myself.

Tuesday night we got back from 10 days of vacation, mostly away from internet access. And in the days before leaving, I was so busy that I didn't have time to blog -- that hadn't happened before. Work was inordinately busy, and friends from out of town came to stay, and between the two events I had three nights in the week before leaving with 4 hours or less of sleep, which made blogging infeasible for me. Meanwhile all sorts of things were happening that I wanted to tell you all about, dear public diary, and now the many moments have passed and with them the urgency to tell of them. For instance, that afternoon I took off five and a half weeks ago -- it was my birthday -- and my beloved spouse and our son and I took a ferry to the peninsula just for the heck of it, walking up and down a beach, running around the ferry -- a lovely afternoon and evening, but the moment is so far gone that I remember nothing of the detail, only a general impression of happiness and our son's particular delight in running around the ferry.

Much to tell of vacation, and of my friends' visit, and of much else, which I may or may not get to. For instance, today -- Wednesday -- yesterday actually now -- I got home from work after 8:30, a 10 and a half hour day, and ate dinner, and gave the kid a bath, and put him to bed, and went grocery shopping, and cleaned the kitchen (my beloved spouse cooked and attended to other tasks the whole time) and it's only now that I have time to sit down. And that's fine, but it means much has to wait.

I didn't miss blogging, and I certainly didn't miss the endless bad news of the world while on vacation, and it struck me that since I didn't miss it maybe it was time to pack it in. The idea of posting some opinion or other about some aesthetic matter or other fairly well repulsed me earlier today -- I'm still not sure about it now -- and besides I have a gig in several weeks which I should begin preparing for now, plus unfinished songs, and various recording ideas. And maybe blogging should take a back seat.

But when I checked back into the internet Wednesday, I saw that something that hooked me back into Blogville. A friendly correspondent, a writer of whom I was a fan for many years before I started blogging, Kyle Gann, responded to an email I had sent him some weeks ago by changing his conception of a piano concerto he was commissioned to write by a group in Amsterdam.

I had been eager to hear the piece anyway . . . now if Kyle could swing me a ticket to Amsterdam for the premiere . . .

The idea of which is a startling and nice back-from-vacation-welcome-hello.

* * *

Vacation was mostly glorious. Breathed deep the smell and dirt and heat of summer -- summer in the lungs, summer in my hair, summer in my shoes. Went swimming every day.

* * *

Probably very light posting for the next week at least. Good summer to you.

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