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Monday, July 30, 2007

Band practice tonight -- just me & the bassist and the drummer -- Robert and Bob. A blast! Even though we sounded raggedy-assed -- haven't played together for months. Last week Robert & I got together and he helped me cull the song list. "Yeah, this one's too arrange-y, we won't have time to learn it before the show. Yeah, the 45-second song probably won't work in a club. Well, this one might work better with just guitar and mandolin, not the whole band, we'll skip it." I pitched some songs for him to sing lead on -- he has a beautiful voice and’s a good songwriter -- here’s his MySpace page -- and he said "Maybe" to one -- the one with verses and a chorus, not the two whose melodies don't repeat! Well, yeah, I can see his point. Playing through the songs and culling them was a blast too.

My beloved spouse and our son were camping with friends for three nights last week when Robert & I got together. I couldn't get the time off work, alas. Our son drew the campfire and cook pot on the left, copying it from someone else's drawing. He emphasized that he had copied it.

Keep the fire burning, people, keep the fire burning.

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