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Monday, June 11, 2007

I'm grateful that the kid has never -- yet -- gotten on kicks where he wanted to hear his music over and over and over again. He did go through a Woody Guthrie phase where that was pretty much all he wanted to hear, but that was fine -- I love Woody. Usually he's happy to listen to whatever I've picked out, though he doesn't much like hard rock or free jazz or dissonant modern classical. He has pretty good ears -- he often can pick out the nationality of music he has never heard before -- or at least the continent. "That's African music!" Or, when I put on some mariachi music once, he said, "Polkas!" He was close!

Today he had a fever and was sick and sleepy. My beloved spouse and I were eating dinner while he rested on the couch. I asked him if he wanted to hear some music, if there was anything in particular he would like to hear. He said, Sure, he'd like to hear some music, but he would like me to pick it out -- whatever I want to hear. My spouse sensibly suggested something quiet and soothing, and I put on piano music of J.S. Bach's son C.P.E. It fit the bill without being listless, and the kid fell asleep. Poor little guy.


The other afternoon:

While parking the car, he says: "Careful not to crash into the other car, Daddoo."

"Oh, but I like to crash into other cars!"

"Have you ever crashed into another car before?"


"Then how do you know if you like it?" -- said with some disdain.


A day or 2 later:

"Why was there no President before George Washington?"

"Because before then America was part of England."

"Why did America not be part of England any more?"

"Because England was in charge, and America had to do what England said, and America didn't want to pay so much in taxes."

"Did England make America pay taxes all day every day?"

And I thought of how weak the Spirit of '76 has grown in our land, and how the depredations of the Cheney Regency (as I saw someone call the administration recently) betray humanity.

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