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Saturday, June 02, 2007

The email came from a mutual friend on Thursday: Must-see TV: Bob & Angela's daughter Isabel (photo by Reuters -- a friend emailed it) would be in the Spelling Bee finals on ABC. Bob & I were housemates a million years ago, and then bandmates, and I've known Angela even longer, and even though I haven't seen them in a dozen years, Bob & I correspond occasionally, and so, yes, of course, it was Must-see.

And Isabel did great! Finished in the Top 5, spelling words that gave me brainaches just thinking about them. And during her "Behind the Spelling" short bio clip that ABC did for all the finalists, she showed off one of her favorite words, "kakistocracy" -- "government by the worst possible people." Now, she wouldn't be thinking of anybody in particular, would she? 14 years old, in 8th grade, and with poise and elan,
on prime time network TV, obliquely and totally obviously giving the Kakistocrat-in-Chief what-for. How superb and extraordinary is that?

Best of all was seeing Bob simultaneously sigh with relief and beam with pride whenever she got one right -- a particular expression I don't remember ever having seen on anybody before. And the big hugs all around when "cyanophycean" finally stumped her.

Congrats to the whole Jacobson-Woodward family!

Oh wow, that is awesome!

But how did Angela and Bob get to have such a grown-up kid? We're not that old, are we?

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