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Thursday, April 26, 2007

the microphone is phallic as the king's scepter is phallic: symbol of power and potency; symbol of who's in command.

if I had to rank them for phallic-ness, I'd have to go with the microphone.

* * *

the person who licensed theater companies and productions in Elizabethan England was the Master of the Revels.

while recognizing that Revels can't really be Mastered, I love that job title. I'd love that job. I'd be an excellent Revelmaster.

to master the Revels, one must serve the Revels. one must prepare the way for the Revels -- food, drink, music or noisemakers; optional: outlandish clothes, masks. one can perhaps master the most fortuitous circumstances for Revels, but whether Revels will actually arrive always remains an open question.

a bouquet of broccoli, a jug of cider, a box of wind and a scraper, we're good to go.

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