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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Miguel Frasconi

I only met him briefly when I went to visit a college pal and he was living with her; coincidentally visiting him was his old friend the Plunderphonics king John Oswald, who had just been ordered to destroy all the copies of his recently released CD of all-sampled (and manipulated) music, because on the cover he had collaged the head of Michael Jackson from his album Bad onto the body of a naked woman, and Sony had objected and threatened to sue unto limitlessness. I had recently read about this in the Kyle Gann
’s late lamented new music column in the Village Voice, so I was all ears. Naturally, Oswald had not destroyed exactly all of his copies, and I heard a bunch of the album, which was terrific (and which has since been re-released under a different title with additional material, well worth checking out).

I only met Miguel those couple of days I stayed at the place he was sharing with my friend, and I doubt he would remember me, but he was super sweet, and a wonderful musician, and so I was happy to run across his name in the comments at Kyle Gann’s blog, and from there link to his own page, which has four lovely pieces of music, including some beautiful glass playing. Go! Listen!


Franklin Bruno emails to correct my false assertion that Hollywood would never do a bio-pic on the life of Lorenz Hart: Actually, they already have, Words and Music, which Franklin recommends. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks!

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