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Friday, February 09, 2007

Went out to a record store to hear Sean Nelson and Mike McGonigal read from their new 33 1/3 books, on Joni Mitchell's
Court and Spark and My Bloody Valentine's Loveless respectively. The readings inspired me to want to hear again, and hear, respectively, the two albums -- and to read the books. Introduced myself after the reading to M. Matos, whose writing I like very much, and who wrote a book on a Prince album (which I haven’t read), and who coincidentally left a comment on this blog recently; and it was very nice to meet him. It was nice shaking hands with Sean and Mike as well, and congratulating them. (I'd met Sean briefly before, but he wouldn't remember me; and Mike is a friend of a friend, and isn't it a small world after all -- world of laughter, world of tears).

Heard some of My Bloody Valentine in the record store and dug the gorgeous noise guitar textures; went and bought the album immediately after and enjoyed the first few songs. And Joni Mitchell, well, Joni is huge.

Must be on a record-buying kick; also recently purchased a collection of Blind Willie Johnson, only a little which I'd heard before. Ry Cooder ID's "Dark Is the Night" as the most transcendent piece of music in American history, and well he should -- Johnson should have gotten co-composer credit for Cooder's gorgeous Paris, Texas soundtrack. Johnson is a Wow. Also picked up cheap a used copy of Emmanuel Ax with the Cleveland Quartet doing Brahms's Quintet in F Minor, my faverave Brahms piece, so songful and energetic and masterfully woven -- it's the songfulness that sends me (though I must confess the amount of Brahms I haven't heard far outweighs the amount I have).

"There's never enough time to hear an excess of talent" -- B. Strayhorn.

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