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Thursday, February 22, 2007


Little Eva, Little Walter,
Little Richard, Lil' Kim, Little Anthony,
Lil Wayne.

I can't think of any white musicians nicknamed Little.

UPDATE, later: I remembered the hot electric mandolin player from Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys, Tiny Moore, whose nickname, like Robin Hood's sidekick Little John, was ironic -- he was large. And here's jazz and R&B guitarist Tiny Grimes too.

UPDATE 2: Blues guitarist Little Charlie. Not nearly as famous as the other Little (or Lil') musicians, but apparently white. I rejected the equally obscure blues guitarist Little Ed from the All-Star list on account of obscurity, but since I asked about Little white musicians, I thought I should answer my own question when I remembered one. Tiny Moore and Tiny Grimes aren't famous either, but they're fabulous, which makes them all-stars.

There's Little Steven (as in "Van Zandt."


Yes -- thank you!

My wife also reminded me of Tiny Tim.
Don't forget Little Jimmy Dickens of the Grand Ol' Opry

Also, if you're into electronica/house music then there's Little Louie Vega (I believe he's Latin)
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