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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Took the red-eye to New Orleans Sunday night to get to a week-long training for work Monday morning. Sad to be away from my beloved spouse and child for a week; planning to console myself by catching music. Strolled Bourbon Street after dinner last night; less populated than I remember and sleazier-seeming too. Heard cover bands covering "Proud Mary" (fake Mississippi River song -- sounded fake & bored too); "Sweet Home Alabama" (more exciting Southern Pride, if that's your thing -- super-catchy, & a better riff, and a less-bored band); and the Janis version of "Piece of My Heart," which didn't take a piece of mine (though I love Janis).

In the hotel, my doom -- cable! Caught the tail-end of "Wizard of Oz," and during Dorothy's chant of "There's no place like home," the strains of the great 19th-century hit "Home, Home Sweet Home" played in the underscoring, which I'd never noticed before -- Dorothy's line comes from the song.

More -- and better, hopefully -- music tonight, is the plan. Cheers --
forget bourbon street and cable tv. go to frenchmen street for music the locals create and listen to at snug harbor, cafe brasil, dba, spotted cat. also try rebirth at the maple leaf tues .night, the soul rebels at le bon temps wed night, KERMIT AT VAUGHNS late thurs night!, kirk josephs backyard groove anytime anywhere - likewise for trombone shorty. have dinner at elizabeths in the bywater and a bbq shrimp po boy at liuzzas by the track. check out the sculpture garden under the oaks at city park then have some italian ice cream at angela brocatos.
Update - no soul rebels at le bon temps this wed. but here's a suggestion for a musical trifecta - a free christmas concert w jazz vocalist phillip manuel 6pm in beautiful st. Louis cathedral. Then walk down decatur st across esplanade to frenchmen st. - catch johnny v's tribute to paul motian at snug harbor at 8pm followed by walter washington at 10 right next door at dba. - only in new orleans- enjoy.
Thanks! Caught ReBirth last night at Maple Leaf Bar on Oak Street -- faaaantastic. Was hoping to catch Phillip Manuel tonight; will look into your other tips. Planning on Preservation Hall Thursday night -- Shannon Powell is billed there; I saw him 2 years ago and his stuff stuck in my mind, beautifully.
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