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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

If this were a tourist postcard, I would buy it; sardonic irony is popular, and I am of my moment.
(I really like the camcorder.)
(And thanks for the picture.)

* * *

The day after taking the kid to hear the Boeing Employees’ Concert Band play patriotic music on Veterans’ Day, I took the kid to hear my friends in La Banda Gozona play a fundraiser for the Oaxacan teachers’ union, which sparked a general uprising there. A hot brass band (2 in 2 days!) and a lovely time, seeing old friends, eating Oaxacan food, digging the music and taking part in the festive atmosphere, people dancing. The crowd (and the band) a mix of gringos and Mexicans. The band played what I thought was a Hanns Eisler song but appears to have been a song by the Chilean composer Sergio Ortega; a group of Mexican men started singing/chanting, to the music, El pueblo unido jamas sera vencido!

My friends -- and the crowd -- rocked it: a lot more lively & joyous than the Veterans’ Day concert. Fleeting notions of resistance as festival and festival as resistance; ends as means; political vision embodied in political action; not political parties -- politically partying.

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