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Monday, November 20, 2006

Freedom from want -- something to be thankful for. Which reminds me, something I've been thinking about --
every prayer of Thanksgiving, no matter how humble, is also a song of triumph -- I HAVE SOMETHING TO BE THANKFUL FOR.

And I do.

In the aftermath of my dad's death, my sister wisely decided to uproot the old traditions and detour the family from the routines. I hadn't been home for Thanksgiving in 15 or 16 years or more, but everybody else is Back There, where the old routines live. And so -- my sister booked everybody's tickets and they're all Coming Here -- tomorrow! My sister & her 2 kids (one older, one younger than mine), my brother, our mom, and then, on Wednesday, my brother-in-law. Staying here.

My nucleus's routine has been to Give Thanks at the neighbors' house across the alley. Last year for the first time we cooked the turkey and we signed up to do it in perpetuity. Our neighbors love a big holiday party; it's usually around 20 people, and this year coincidentally a bunch of the regulars aren't coming, and so there's plenty of room for my 6 relatives, which there would have been anyway, somehow.

No blogging till after. Have a good one. Cheers -- and thanks --
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