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Monday, October 30, 2006

Via Douglas Wolk, let’s hear it for Thing!

* * *

Speaking of Douglas . . .

For many years I wrote an average of one song a month. In early 1998, I decided to write a song a week, and I kept it up for a few months, writing many songs that I still play, including two that my band recorded. But at some point I slowed down a lot; I don’t remember when, exactly. Since Fingers Hilarity joined us in January 2003, I think I have written two songs that I like and remember, and I had not been at all prolific in the two or three years preceding his arrival.

Except -- for the last two Novembers, when I’ve cranked out a bunch of new material. Because Douglas has invited everybody to write and record an album in a month. He has declared it National Solo Album Month, or NaSoAlMo for short.

As it happens, I was not happy with my recording in 2004. Technical difficulties combined with bad piano playing -- I scrapped it -- but I loved doing it and I like 6 or 7 of the songs. (Two of them verrrry short.) It was a bad time to be doing it -- the electoral disaster -- so 4 of the songs were about that (including 2 or 3 of the ones I still like).

And, in 2005 -- well, I had only found out a couple of months before that my dad had cancer, and we knew he was probably dying. At that time we weren’t sure if he’d last till Christmas, and since then I have met two people who lost friends and family members to the same type of cancer who only lasted a few weeks after being diagnosed. Dad made it almost 11 months, and 10 of them were quite good. Anyway, a lot of last year’s songs reflect that, directly or indirectly. I’m just in the process of transfering that album to digital now, with help from my good friend Jake. (Thanks Jake!) (I am technophobic -- not ideologically, not aesthetically, but emotionally and practically.) I listened to a bunch of the album last night that I hadn’t heard in months, and I liked it more than I remembered.

So, I’m signing up again. We’ll see if I get in touch with Thing.

(Thanks Kurt Schwitters and Maurice Sendak.)
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