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Friday, October 06, 2006

Via a comment to my friend Logie’s post on the Dylan-Timrod brouhaha, evidence that Dylan lifted a number of passages from other authors in his memoir, unearthed by Edward Cook of Ralph the Sacred River.

The Picasso/Dylan parallel, which my friend Jake mentioned, is stronger than most rockers know: Late in his career Picasso took to painting versions of classic paintings in his own style -- some Rubens here, some Rembrandt there, a little Velazquez over there. Most critics have seen it as a sign of creative exhaustion. Check out Edward Cook’s post. Some of Dylan’s memoirs do not appear to be based on memories from his non-reading life; which is interestingly in keeping with his history of masquerade and obfuscation. I’m not criticizing -- it doesn’t make it a bad book.

* * *

Regarding the new crass ownership of the Seattle Weekly -- I recently asked an ad rep there, an acquaintance of mine, how ad sales were going since the changes. He said -- great! Sales were up. I think the new paper is going to do great -- crass, and without a social conscience: they know their audience.

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