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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

“this way admired of by John the peel”

The EP of my friend Jay Sherman-Godfrey, with whom I’m sharing a cyberlease, received its first review, from an online alt-country publication. It got four horses, apparently out of five; unfortunately for me, the review is in Dutch.

Jay put the review through a free internet translator, which produced this peerless passage: “More finely than this pure headstock you cannot wish yourself. And what is that in fact delicious, such a blade of 22 minutes.”

I can vouch for its truth: the EP is indeed a fine, pure, in fact delicious blade.

The auto-translator transmogrified the late British DJ John Peel, who adored Laura Cantrell’s first two albums, which Jay produced, into “John the peel.” Jay posted his tribute to John Peel, almost 2 years ago, here.

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