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Monday, October 23, 2006

The sun is like a huge musical instrument. It rings like a bell, and vibrates like an organ pipe. Does anybody know how many keys or musical notes a piano has? (Answer is 88). Just like a piano has 88 keys or musical notes, the sun has 10 million keys or notes. Astronomers are measuring the solar music in order to determine what its heart is like. This is like listening to a song to understand the singer.

* * *

Didn't listen to very much music today. No music at breakfast. Rode my bike to work, no radio. No music at work. When I got to work a line from the song "Maybe" from Streisand's breakthrough rock album ("Stoney End") ran through my head, and I couldn't figure out why or what about: "Maybe I'm fooling myself more than anyone can," sung so tenderly and sympathetically. Heard a remix of the Monkees' "Mary Mary where you goin' to?" at a diner at lunch. No music at dinner. Sang "This Land Is Your Land" with the kid after dinner; he punctuated the end of each verse and chorus with a rousing, on-beat shout of "Hey! Hey!" Little bit of radio driving to the grocery after he went to bed. Some indie band on the college rock station sounded like an elegant, melancholy version of the Byrds with a better drummer and modern production values, but not a memorable song.
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