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Thursday, October 19, 2006

As a night-time grocery foray took me near the adjacent-neighborhood pub with the Wednesday-night open mike, I ducked in for a quick schooner to listen to the troubadours. Heard two well-rehearsed solo singer-guitarists, singing forlornly to mostly indifferent and feigning-supportive fellow open mikers -- you can see the hunger and anxiety on the faces -- and the deep what-the-hell go-for-it need of performers to Show Their Stuff, no matter how few will hear it -- and there's something beautiful and poignant about that, the brave attempts at beauty, and I was feeling snugly wistful and beautifully sympathetic, when it hit me: blogging is like open mike.

As Elvis once said, "You know, someone said that the world's a stage . . . "
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