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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The wonderful singer Jo Miller cleaning my son's teeth several months ago.
(Photo by my beloved spouse.)

I’ve mentioned before that my dental hygienist is a local country music singing star, the warm and witty Jo Miller. This morning I was due to have my gums scraped and checked, and I followed through on my promise to give Jo a copy of my band’s CD. Jo cleaned my son’s teeth while a hygienist I hadn’t met before (a very nice 65-ish woman who plays goalkeeper three nights a week for different soccer teams) cleaned mine, and I was taken aback when Jo popped my CD into the soundsystem and I lay on my back while listening to a recording of myself and my friends singing at the top of our lungs about bloody murder while I beat dissonantly on my guitar -- I warned them that the CD had its raucous moments -- and as we were leaving my good friend and bandmate Mac was just about to bellow belligerantly in the monologue I wrote for him, “You want to untie the knot? You want to untangle the knot? Well sorry buddy YOU CAN’T UNTIE THE KNOT! TAKE OUT YOUR SWORD AND CUT THAT KNOT!”. I hurried out, child in arms, before the yelling started, wondering how the strangers lying on their backs while people with sharp implements probed their mouths would fare. I had warned them.

I’m all in favor of dentist office music -- but I hadn’t known I’d been making it!

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