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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Seattle's "liberal" paper is now carrying not one, but two columnists from the arch-conservative "National Review." Today Rich Lowry called on the Democrats to start proposing strategies for victory in Iraq.

Because, you know, the President doesn't have any.

Not that Lowry said that.

I love this idea that conservatives now have that the Bush is waiting with bated breath for military advice from the Democratic Party. Yeah, right.

Lowry also posits absurdly that there is no reason to oppose America's Iraq War while supporting America's Afghanistan War. Neglecting to mention that welcome guests of the latter country attacked the United States.

As it happens, I have opposed America's Afghanistan War from the beginning too. When Bush labeled it a "War on Terror," I knew he did not want to win it. Orwellian abstractions can never be defeated. People who fight them don't want to defeat them. They only want to war, war, war, war, war.

With this crowd, the War on Terror has been a "watch the birdie" distraction from the massive plundering of America's wealth by the government class and its business allies.

I do give Lowry points for brazen gall, calling the Democrats party of defeat. Bush is incapable of or uninterested in defending the national interest, and everything he has done since entering office has weakened our country in every way, not to mention having killed tens of thousands random Iraqis and Afghans. Bush has no interest in or strategy for "victory" of any sort -- except over the people of New Orleans and American government solvency and competence, and in this "war" he has been brilliantly successful. Some Democrats now -- belatedly -- say, "Let's cut the losses and get out of Iraq." They're only acknowledging the defecating elephant in the middle of the living room. Calling this defeatism, as Lowry does, requires imagination and a weak olfactory sense.
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