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Friday, September 29, 2006

"Daddoo, may I use a pen?"

"What does it say? Read it, please."

* * *

My friend Jay’s parents were in town the other night and they took my family to dinner. Mary is a retired drama teacher, and she engaged Fingers Hilarity in a story-telling exercise, “Let’s tell a story. I’ll say a sentence and then you say a sentence.”

Fingers had such a good time, we played the game again last night.

“You start,” he said.

I always had to start.

“Once there was a little boy.”

“And he liked to play ball in the house.”

Every story started like that. The second one started:

“Once there was a little girl.”

“And she liked to play ball in the house.”

Number three started this way:

“Once there was a mamu and a daddoo.”

“And they liked to play ball in the house.’

And number four:

“Once there was a mouse and a guinea pig.”

“And they liked to play ball in the house.”

It was great to see Jay’s parents. People I’ve known since before I can remember. They helped a lot with Dad’s funeral.

And I have Mary to thank for inspiring these excellent stories.
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