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Monday, August 21, 2006

Via dKos, news that the Brits are pissed that the United States blew it big time with the Pakistani bomb plot by jumping the gun.

It might be funny if the United States were Mayberry and Otis the Town Drunk represented the sum of the country's chronic social problems. But who in hell had the idea to nominate Barney Fife for President, and why did five Supreme Court Justices think it was such a hot idea to subvert our democracy as well as their own authority and install him there?

Although, it's true, I would not have minded having a beer with Deputy Fife, the real one. The ludicrous faker in the Oval Office, forget it.

(Memory Lane: Andy used to call Barney, "Barn," sometimes, right? And is my memory hallucinating that Barney used to call Andy, "Ange"?)

"Barn", yep. "Ange"? Don't remember that 'un, although for some reason it reminds me of the big Animals hit from '65: "It's my life, and I'll do what I want. / I'm Barney Fife; I'll arrest who I want."
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