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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Rainstorm tonight. I can't believe summer's almost over. (My beloved spouse took this picture at my folks' place in Michigan about a month ago.)

New links:

Freshman year in college I played in a synth-pop-noise band called “Bob.” I only played two gigs, and one was all improvised to accompany an evening of ‘30s surrealist films. The other gig was in the dorm basement cafe, a regular set with songs ranging from synth-pop to noise-improv. Stefan Keydel sang strong lead on the pop numbers and played good bass, and he was a real nice guy. Presumably he still is -- we haven’t seen each other in probably 20 years. I recently found out he has a blog, called Plunjerbunni, on politics & culture & daily life.

Turtletop correspondent and ace musician Jay Sherman-Godfrey now has a MySpace page, where he’s put up a couple of his tasty instrumentals, which are quite different from his songs, in addition to some occasional blogging. We met as babies or toddlers -- really (our parents are good friends) -- and had a band together in high school.

I met Jake London, a/k/a Turtletop correspondent J-Lon, the night before first day of classes freshman year in the dorm. His room was next to the Men’s room; the door was open and he was playing guitar. I poked my head in. “Did you play in a band in high school?” “Yeah.” “Me too.” We’ve been pals ever since and on-and-off bandmates. He has MySpace page too, actually two, one for his writing and one for his music.

I have never met, much less played in a band with, the proprietors of Destination: OUT, but anybody’s that’s posting MP3s of music by people such as Art Ensemble of Chicago is going to be on my regular route.
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