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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

OK, the slogan of this year's Vancouver Folk Music Festival indicates the portentousness that flavors the folky scene, but the festival's mascot is cute -- a banjo-playing seagull wittily named Pete Seagull.

We got back last night from the fest, and as usual it was great to be immersed in music -- as much world-beat as strummy-pickin'-folk -- and the blend was the standard mix of annoying to fine to mind-blowingly wonderful.

My son was sick all last week and by the end of the week I had caught his cold. He's better now -- no more fever or vomiting, ear infection on the wane -- but I still have a cold (minus the more alarming symptoms) so further reporting will wait until I'm better rested.

Until then, these few words.

Tanya Tagaq! Tanya Tagaq! Tanya Tagaq!

And --

Seeing the great 72-year-old musician and scholar Mike Seeger dance a lithe and graceful jig was unforgettable.
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