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Monday, July 10, 2006

Early Blogville

It's been forever since I've updated my links page.

There’s elegant, in depth, thoughtful, witty rock writing at the apparently pseudonymously written Pop With a Shotgun. This is a different Declan MacManus.

The grrrlish Fangirl’s record collection can beat up your record collection (or mine). In depth & thoughtful & committed, and another pseudonym -- her chosen namesake Emmy Hennings helped found the Dada movement; lacking the canonically facilitating penis, she didn’t get her share of credit.

If Ali Marcus writes pseudonymously, she’s does so as discreetly as her writing is thoughtful. She’s also an idealist and a good musician, as well as, in person, a friendly person. (Not that she isn’t in her writing too!)

My old college pal John Logie is a professor of rhetoric who writes about intellectual property law & morality at blogologie. My only complaint about him and his blog is that I don't see enough of either.

I was sad when my virtual (and pseudonymous!) friend Corndog closed down his old blog “corndoggerel,” and very happy to see that he re-opened shop under a Corndogmatic flag. He, like me, is a 43-year-old white-guy singer-songwriting guitarist and family man, which is enough to recommend him straight away; but, more importantly, he's funny and sharp and sweet.

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