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Friday, June 09, 2006

Will probably be away from Blogville for about a week. Going back to Michigan to visit my folks with my beloved spouse and Fingers Hilarity. My dad (who has cancer) has been doing really well. When he was diagnosed 9 months ago, the doctor said the average life expectancy for someone with his diagnosis was 8 months. He's still working part-time and is now on his 2nd round of chemo. We usually go back in July or August but sooner seemed better this year.

One last bit of music before I go: A couple weeks ago I read an oral history of Parliament / Funkadelic that came out in 1998. Quick and enjoyable read. Amazingly, the first book on the subject. As great as it was to hear the voices of the people who made the music, I found myself wanting more depth as well -- wanting a detailed, track by track recording history and criticism, such as like the Beatles have been favored with and such as like I've wanted for few other acts. If someone could do this while I'm away, I'd be grateful.

I might post before I get back but probably not. Cheers.
have a good trip, john, and best wishes to your family.
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