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Monday, June 26, 2006

Hey New Yorkers!

If you know him only from this blog, you know Jay Sherman-Godfrey as my childhood friend and contemporary blog commenter, but he has a gig this Wednesday, June 28, 9 PM, Lakeside Lounge, NYC, 162 Ave. B., where he will be giving away copies of his new EP, which is wonderful.

Jay has credentials: guitarist with They Might Be Giants, producer and songwriter for Laura Cantrell, co-founder of Diesel Only Records and the band World Famous Blue Jays, co-composer of the soundtrack of Michael Moore's film The Big One, and much more.

I could talk about his new batch of songs, but you can hear them for free at the link above. Wish I could be at the show.

Photo courtesy of Michael Shelley.
Darn. I'll be home getting the boy to bed early for his nursery school graduation tomorrow. But I'll keep track of the name and look for his next show. Thanks for the heads-up.
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