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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Reading blogs, I imagine the bloggers, absent other data, as having one profile or another; these images reveal -- whaddayaknow -- prejudices.

I always simply assumed that one of my favorite political bloggers, Digby, is a man. I pictured him as a casual, intense, 50-ish, tall, sandy blonde screenwriter. But then a couple weeks ago another of my favorite political bloggers, Steve Gilliard, referred to “Digby” as “she.”

Steve would have reason to know.

Why would I think she was a he? Now, when I read Digby, instead of imagining a laid-back, warm, sarcastic male voice, I hear a warmer, still sarcastic female voice.

It appears that “male” is my default perception. What’s up with that?

And: I imagine sarcastic, snarky bloggers as short. What’s that about?

“Unpacking” my “baggage.” Now I can throw it around the room! Make a big enough pile, and I can jump in it, like raked leaves!

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