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Friday, May 12, 2006

Out to dinner, our wedding anniversary -- I've been happy about it all day -- my beloved spouse is putting the 3-year-old to bed; he's going to bed late because of our luxuriously relaxed dinner, sitting at table for 2 hours, while neighbors watched him and taught him Go Fish. So cute to watch him deal a hand when we got back! "One for you, one for me, two for you, two for me, three for you, three for me, four for you, four for me, five for you, five for me, five for you -- "

"What comes after five?"

(He knows but has momentarily forgotten.)

"What does?"

"Ssssssssssssss . . . "


"OK, keep on dealing."

"Six for you, six for me, seven for you, seven for me!"

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