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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

i've been hearing Boston lately -- the hits of my Junior High years -- on the radio, and on a Best-Of CD i picked up for 2 bucks in a junk shop. has any other Top Band of the last 35 years had less aura? I really like the songs.

and -- how times have changed! they used to be quite Heavy Pop; now, compared to contemporary country radio, their drums are Soft and their guitars no big.

the songwriter/guitarist dresses in a T-shirt and the lead singer in a sportcoat. if one of them comes from a blue-collar background (and I have no idea of their bios, except that the songwriter was an MIT tech wiz), I'd bet it's the guy in the sportcoat.

the genre is Strut but the singer sounds like . . . a nice guy! (again -- no idea of personal lives.) Strut without Cruelty.

(Looked it up: my guess was right: Brad Delp worked in a factory until Boston made it big. And Tom Scholz was a product engineer at Polaroid. I probably read this at some point and forgot I knew it. Speaking generally, the white-collar male is concerned with looking tough, while the blue-collar male is concerned with looking good.

Please note: My criticism of blue-collar chic is not a criticism of blue-collar culture or blue-collar people. Nor is it a criticism of white-collar people for having white-collar jobs. It's a criticism of white-collar people who fetishize what they imagine blue-collar culture to be.)
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