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Monday, May 29, 2006


If we're going to apply asterisks to baseball players' accomplishments, let's begin with the records of the Segregated Era, where great players like Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb benefited from not having to hit the pitching of great players like Satchel Paige (above right).
Right on! Paige was so good once he did break into the majors late in his career that one can only speculate how dominating he could have been in his prime.
A good point that a lot of people are making these days. And also, why single out Bonds, and why pick only on the players? All of baseball, including (especially!) the owners and the commissioner's office looked the other way in the 90s -- everyone knew that steroid use was rampant. And pitchers were on the juice, too.

That said, I do think Bonds and the other steroids users are skunks. Think about how someone like Alex Rodriguez -- who very obviously has never juiced -- must feel. And ARod is on a better homerun pace than Bonds. (As is Albert Pujols.) I hope they DESTROY his records.

Also, it's very hard making statistical comparisons across decades and eras in baseball, but it is worth mentioning that Ruth hit his 714 homers with over 5,000 (five fucking thousand!) FEWER at-bats than either Aaron or Bonds! Yeah, it was a segrated era, but NO ONE has ever dominated his sport like Ruth did baseball in the 20s and early 30s...
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