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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Jen and I wanted to cover "Frank Mills" from "Hair," but Mac didn't want to; he thought the song corny dreadful. I suggested that Jen sing it (perhaps with me) and then Mac recite a refutation of the song, a rebuttal, of his own devising. We never did learn the song, which is a shame -- such a sweet tender oddball narrative lovely melody song, and Jen would have sung it beautifully, and Mac could have put together a killer rebuttal. Veda Hille did learn the song, and she recorded it, and she's such a fine musician -- lovely arrangement, her lovely singing, on an excellent album, with an immensely moving arrangement of "Liza Jane," a song from Carl Sandburg's American Songbag.

I was listening to the Broadway soundtrack of "Hair" today and dug the funky Motown-esque bass, early adoption of the James Jamerson style, 1968. Earlier than any rockers I can think of, except maybe Blood Sweat & Tears. Lots of great tunes on that album, great funky band (jazzman Idris Muhammad on drums), oddball hippie lyrics, some funny, some sweet, some treacly sweet. "Frank Mills" may fall over the "too sweet" line for some, but not for me.

When I was a sports mad 6 year old in 1969 a hippie cousin arrived on the scene playing beautiful improvised flute. I asked him what his favorite sport was. "Walking," he said. He was a sweet guy, and that answer blew my 6 year old sportsmad mind, and I've loved hippies ever since.
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